What Online Retailers Can’t Do

If you’re just looking for the cheapest price on almost any product available, from consumer goods to catering equipment, shopping online is undoubtedly the way to go. It might not, however, always be the wisest choice, especially when you’re purchasing equipment you need to keep your business running.

Completely online digital retailers can afford to sell products much cheaper than their brick and mortar counterparts because they don’t have to saddle the costs associated with a physical storefront. Depending on the platform they’re using to sell, many don’t even need a warehouse or large storage space as they can drop-ship orders directly from the manufacturer to customers.

So, does this mean brick and mortar stores are obsolete? Why should you look anywhere else if an online store simply can’t be beaten on price?

The problem with convenience

Buying consumer goods online often makes a lot of sense: you’ve probably used them before, and they’re delivered right to your door. The value proposition becomes a little less clear though when you start to look at purchasing highly specialised products like catering equipment.

It may seem convenient to order a commercial oven from the comfort of your couch on a Sunday night and have it delivered the very next week, but if you’re buying from an online retailer that convenience can come back to bite you as soon as the crate leaves the delivery truck.

There’s plenty more after delivery that needs to be done to get the equipment up and running. Here’s some of the things you’ll need to consider when receiving any new catering equipment:

  • un-palletising, uncrating and unboxing
  • disposing of all waste, packaging, timber, framing, and plastics
  • removal of stainless steel protective coverings on all appliances
  • assembly of the units – includes installing castors/legs, building stands, and assembly of ad hoc items like accessories
  • stripping and reconfiguring appliances so they fit within doorways or through other areas
  • delivery of the products in the exact position you require, ready for installation
  • selecting the appropriate time for delivery, including after hours, weekends or early mornings (anything outside business hours won’t be an option with most online retailers)
  • commissioning and training on use and maintenance; and
  • understanding power and gas requirements with respect to your location.

You’ll also need to ensure you have a qualified technician on hand because if your equipment isn’t installed according to manufacturer guidelines, you run the risk of voiding your warranty and could be left with machinery that isn’t performing the way it should.

This all adds up to a significant amount of time and effort that you’d need to invest to get your new equipment ready to go. Hiring someone or doing this yourself might well even cost you more than the savings you made by purchasing the equipment online in the first place.

It doesn’t end there either. Service calls and warranty claims are notoriously difficult to secure from an online retailer, and even when they are successful you might find that you’re out of pocket for the delivery fees associated with returning a faulty product.

When it comes to big investments that drive your business, there’s a better way.

Leave it to the experts

Catering Wholesalers has been selling, delivering and installing professional catering equipment across Australia for over 43 years. We know the hospitality industry inside and out and understand that getting equipment delivered during peak times can be disruptive to your business. That’s why we offer an in-house delivery and installation service available at a time of day that suits you.

This service is designed to take the stress out of buying new equipment so that you can focus on running your business, safe in the knowledge that everything will be delivered and installed reliably and efficiently.

We’ll make certain your equipment is installed according to manufacturer guidelines, ensuring your warranty is valid and the machinery works as it should. We’ll also commission the machinery and provide you with training on its use and service requirements.

If you’re replacing old equipment we can even take that off your hands in one seamless process with as little disruption to your normal operation as possible. After installation, our dedicated team of service technicians is on hand to assist with any service or support you might need.

Bespoke solutions for your business

Online retailers are concerned first and foremost with selling commodities, not advising on the commercial kitchen equipment that is best suited for your specific business needs. There’s hundreds of brands out there and many you’d be best to steer clear of. By working with an experienced company like Catering Wholesalers you can rest assured that what you buy is of the highest quality and built to last.

Cost is a prime consideration in any purchase of new catering equipment, but finding the absolute cheapest price online can lead to major headaches down the line. The next time you’re looking to purchase equipment for your foodservice business contact the team at Catering Wholesalers and ask about our delivery and installation service. It might just save you money in the long run.