About us

Who We Are

My name is Charles. I was born in 1948 and my passion was and will always be Food and its delicate creation. 10 people can look at a meal on a table and think 10 different things and that’s why I Love it. The Bounty of Food is tasted within the eyes well before it is digested in the stomach and In that space lies the ultimate beauty of food service. DRIVE – PASSION – EXECUTION. Being a Passionate chef myself and Food service entrepreneur for over 4 decades, I dedicated the best part of my Life to this wonderful industry and through its many hurdles and joys it ultimately guided me to the field of Catering equipment Supply. In my past working with Food and entertainment, we ran and established more than 30 different food service establishments all with a different theme and market outlook. Some went really well and others not so well but along this journey I truly valued the Equipment Supply Chain given the amount and different types of Catering Equipment that were being purchased all the time. I learnt some costly lessons and only then understood 3 vital things missing within this industry that I desperately needed:

  1. The Importance of being up to date with the correct equipment trends. You will be more productive, efficient and consistent and drive better service to your customers quickly with the right Gear for the right purpose. The problem is that there is a lot of equipment and I need someone who understands it.
  2. An entity with the correct knowledge and understanding of your situation and your Objectives and can then translate it into the correct equipment with no Bias to any one particular brand or circumstance. This requires deep knowledge and understanding and a will and mission to put customer success and productivity first. You must get excited about the customers productivity.
  3. That entity must understand your business holistically to truly understand what you require. Holistically meaning all the functions of your business before advising. Open up to the right person or entity and they will open up the doors possibilities that can enable you to better achieve your Goals. Full Picture not Part picture.
  4. That entity must be capable in understanding and guiding you to make the correct decisions that will either drive increased productivity or lower costs or both. The Entity must be capable of communicating that effectively and guarantee it and be accountable to it.
  5. Once purchased, the Entity must be capable and proficient in Training and Installing the Item and assist and support that customer through its Lifecycle. Genuine Support to realise its features.

Our History

Catering Wholesalers opens up its doors in 1984 after aspiring to the above. A 2 man show but nevertheless we believed in a system that could increase productivity through great purchasing decisions within the food industry.

When Catering Wholesalers first opened up its doors we aspired for 3 important things.

  1. We aspired to be the Best not the Biggest.
  2. We aspired to educate not Sell. Selling became the By-product of Education.
  3. We aspired to have the most qualified team and attract Talent.

What Does it Mean to be the Best ?

I define the best as the culture and driving force within a business that never changes no matter what the environmental circumstances are. It’s an anchor, it’s your core belief, it’s why you wake up in the morning and open up your doors. Everybody has their own reasons and drives right? Ours is simple. We want to the Best catering equipment supplier in Australia. We define the best as follows and its keeps our team driving ever so hard every day and it has been for the last 33 years.

  1. The Ultimate team of Industry Experts. How else can we supply you with the most relevant and Up to date Industry Knowledge so your decision making is optimal ? Remember every advice we give must either to lower your costs or increase your productivity. That one reason why we think we are the best.
  2. Training & Maximising Potential – When Your about to Buy something, It feels Great doesn’t it? The sales rep has informed you of all the features and then you own it. That’s where we add our value begins. We train you so those features and benefits turn into productivity and Lowered costs. Owning the best machine for your business doesn’t mean anything if you can’t use it to its potential. We teach you how to maximise potential. That’s the second reason why we think we are the best.
  3. Leading Industry Brands on Display all the time – Ever wanted to go into a showroom and see every leading Brand Lined up with no push pull towards or to any brand. Just Pure flowing understanding towards what your needs are now, later and what the future holds within your plans and finding what suits you. The Full spectrum of Equipment on Display. Yes it cost a lot of money to outlay but we believe in Choice and understanding that choice through Touch and feel gives a higher guaranteed % to making good decisions. Our Industry is different to any other and I’ll tell you why. That Equipment you Buy and invest in is an asset not an expense. It will be there on the hot and sunny days and through the cold chilly winters. You and your team will spend more time with your equipment than any other family member. Touch it, feel it, slam its door but don’t kick it (we have rules here). Talk to us. It’s where good decision making begins. No Body knows your business better than you do.
  4. Installation & Commissioning – We have a deep rooted relationship with all our installers. In fact over the last 30 years we have selected and partnered up with some of Australias truly talented technicians who understand equipment and how important its correct running is. Can you Believe that after 30 years our accredited installers are less than 8 Australia Wide. Why? You may ask. Our core belief is how do we become the best Catering Equipment Supplier? It means we must use the best. The best is not easy to find as they must have a similar belief structure to ourselves. We are truly privileged to have been working with such talent and integral partners. Our technicians will ensure and carry out the equipment install and ensure all services and checklists are taken care of to completion. Why worry about this task and worse why take the risk of poor install. Get it done properly once and for all. You will thank us later and know that small things make an enormous differences in the long Run.
  5. A Real Delivery Service? Do you have any idea what is involved in delivering a Commercial appliance. Those of you who are experienced will know, But just in case lets paint a picture so you don’t get burnt and understand Cost.
    Commercial appliances come packaged in Crates, are really heavy and need assembly. Some items cannot be opened without the use of Forklifts and other equipment. Such a process is called broken up into 2 important parts:
    1. Uncrating and Assembly and rubbish Removal
      1. Manhandling and using lifting gear to take away Crates/Pallet/Wood and Packaging materials leaving the Equipment in its Raw form.
      2. Assembly – Let’s put it together. Frames, Wheels, Legs, Braces etc etc.
      3. Rubbish Removal – Let’s tip the Rubbish and Keep a Good Clean and sustainable environment and your equipment ready for Delivery in its proper form.
    2. Delivery – That’s right we are not dropping this appliance onto your Kerb and get you to sign a delivery docket that removes our responsibility from it . We are taking this into the Position you need it ready for install (Hopefully By our technicians). And guess what your equipment is insured over every inch of Australia, after all it’s your investment and we would not have it any way.
  6. Test Kitchen Facility – Yes we do a have fully functional test Kitchen Showcasing our range of custom Made stainless steel hoods and equipment Plugged in, Plumbed in and ready for use and work every day of the week. Book a time. Cook, test and visualise how well your ideas and products are going to perform with your investment. Our focus is good decision making. Good decisions ensure your success. We have assisted some mediocre food service businesses build some awesome concepts and save themselves so much time and labour and quicker food production times in our kitchen. If you appreciate Value and want the best service and support in choosing and maximising your investment then we desperately want you as our customer as we know we are the best. Its ibn our core.
  7. Warranty and Service In house control – So you’re Equipment Breaks Down. What do you do? You call us up because we like to think that we are responsible and accountable. We have dedicated a team Player who doesn’t pass the buck or hand you a number to call. Never! We seek to gain all your facts and firstly try and solve it over the phone before taking serious ownership over your issue.
  8. Competitiveness – yes our products are very competitive. Are we the cheapest? Definitely not. We offer the ultimate Value purchase from start to completion including maximise all the features of your appliance from start to finish. Our service is amazing value which is why we are so unique to our competitors. There is reason why most of our business is through referrals. If the above value does not suit you then we have accepted that you may not be a catering wholesalers customers. Our very power and core Belief in the very way we do things comes down to understanding that not all customers will be suited to our business, however the ones that know and appreciate good descions and Productive choices are the same ones that have been with us for years. Some healthy advice, do not get caught up too much in dollars and sense? Get it sense not cents. You’ll lose your sense of direction and focus. Bad decisions cost money and time and worst of customers that don’t come back. We can’t afford that and neither can you.

Location & Showroom

We are located 5 minutes from Sydney Airport in the heart of Sydney’s South East suburb of Botany for the past 18 years. Prior To that we were located in City of Newcastle for 15 years.

Our Goals

Simple. We do anything that we are not experts in. Continue to benchmark the ultimate service and educate productive decisions. We also call all our customers and get more ideas on how you can help us even with better ideas to serve you.

Some of our other specialties

  • To replace or to repair a piece of equipment? This advice does cost a small fee as its onsite and requires our technical Guru to go through your machine and prepare a detailed report on whether this equipment is worth fixing or not. It could be the best decision you make. Multiple items are the most effective way.
  • Service and Layout of services prior to installation. Once you have committed this service is free of charge and we are pretty good at. Architects are great but you need to know commercial kitchens really well and how they flow to get this right.
  • Council laws & certification – we can assist to ensure your well within all the codes and compliant. That’s how we like our customers.
  • Location advice – 2 of our team are guns in this area. Bounce your ideas with them. They love seeing successful customers.
  • Menu tips & creation – a testing kitchen plus some pretty creative and cool brains gives us a real edge in this area.
  • Kitchen design & drawings – I like them to call them functional shared drawings. It starts off with your drive and passion and expertise and what you want to do and why ?. We then share our knowledge of the industry, equipment that can help your requirement to be more productive and lower you’re operating costs and start to pencil together a plan. We discuss, we work more into it until it works and works great. We send it to the architect for formalising and because the brains have nutted it all out it takes away the stress of dealing with architects and costs and making sure your voice is being heard. That’s the most important part. Your passion and ideas must be embodied into the whole design. We just help you make it functional.
  • Manufacture of all custom made stainless steel sinks, benching, dishwasher benches, racking, shelving and exhaust hoods (inc. Certificates AS1668 for Council approvals and Drawings).
  • Supply and install of all cool room and freezer rooms.

Catering Equipment Finance And Leasing

We know that starting a new business or replacing existing equipment can be costly, and that cash flow is never immediate. We understand the difficulties faced when trying to obtain finance in the food industry having firsthand experience. I have been under immense pressure during those slow months and I feel your pain. One of the things myself and our team have been passionate about is affordability and how making the right piece of equipment affordable is a sincere company goal rather than to purchase the wrong equipment due to lack of short term funds. The money will come Guys but don’t make the wrong decision based on it. We provide to our customers several finance options backed by our company for the purchase of equipment or shop fit outs. We can assist you through all the steps of Silver chef’s Rent-Try-Buy solution, or our white label brand Catering Finance which has really affordable rates for great options for purchase. Both are suited for different purposes and both are great. We can advise you what the best option is or in some cases what to stay clear of in meeting your objectives. Just be 100% transparent on what you want to achieve and you will get reciprocal advice from us including Tax implications and benefits.

Online & Nationally

Our user friendly and easy to use website www.cateringwholesalers.com allows you to search for particular brands, models or general information. We have thousands of products on our website with detailed descriptions available to make your purchasing decision easier. Delivery costs can be obtained directly from our website using the latest integrated software. This has made it even easier to obtain an exact freight costing for both our NSW and interstate online customers. Of course if there are still further questions and queries customers may have after viewing our products online, then contact us and speak to this team of experts. Remember Good decisions are not rushed ones. Our core structure is based on that principle. It our Anchor.

Why Choose Catering Wholesalers?

Because it’s Safe & Guarantees you the most Productive decision possible when choosing to invest in a key piece of equipment. Remember that Key word “PRODUCTIVE”, It’s the Glue between where your passion and Drive Exist and making your business a commercial reality. Don’t lose Focus and don’t Settle for Mediocre service even if it is a few bobs cheaper.

Our Wonderful Team is looking forward to having a Chat and understanding more about your food service business and taking it to the next level of growth with the right equipment, training and guidance. We Love what we do and more so we love it even more when our customers gain productivity and Grow.